A very very hearty and sinful meal with Mr Boyfriend thanks to Groupon!

Previously I had went to The Handburger once with a friend and found the hamburger to be quite tasty. However, Mr Boyfriend had been reluctant to try due to the price. $30 for a $60 worth voucher (including GST and Service Charge!), why not?

I think The Handburger had been around for quite awhile so I guess I’m quite ‘slow’ in tasting these heavenly burgers. But nonetheless, better late than never! I hearts most of what they offers.

And yes, we did not order the normal serving of a couple. It’s good enough to serve 3! And there’s only two of us. There’s 2 main courses which already includes 2 sides, 3 additional sides off the menu and 1 milkshake. And yes, we actually quite finish everything! And yes, most of the stuffs on the table are worth trying at least once.

I fell in love with this at first mouth – Chunky Mushroom. Seriously. Someone mentioned to me previously that the mushroom soup taste like those from The Soup Spoon. They might really from there. According to The Handburger’s webby, THB is actually part of The Soup Spoon group. So not surprising to find the similarity in taste.

But who cares? This soup is a must have with the burgers. Warm your tummy and taste buds immediately. But because of the huge amount of chunky mushroom in them, this is actually quite filling. But still, I love it.

Mr Boyfriend’s burger – THB X Burger serves with salad. It has 180g of beef and some braised short ribs to make up the meaty part of the burger, so generally it’s ‘bigger’ than the rest of the family. Toppings are slightly different too.

Comparing to the burger I’m having, this look very naked, but sexy right? Both patties are medium-cooked so pretty juicy still. Unlike the ‘bloody’ of steak, it’s actually more like red-colored-juice.

My burger – The Works serve with fries. Basically the normal 150g beef patty like the original, but with LOTS of toppings on top. I love their fries. But somehow, comparing to the table-ful of food, the fries had lost its frame…

I really kinda lost count of the toppings but I’m just super attracted to the fried stuffs so here goes part of the list – bacon, onion rings, sunny side up, mushroom and cheese. Pretty normal ya? But it truly satisfied me. There’s fried stuffs, there’s mushroom, there’s cheese and vege.

Nothing really special besides the additional toppings, but doesn’t the ‘height’ of the burger makes you happier? I was. But I was kinda lost of how to ‘attack’ the burger. And ended up removing all the fried stuffs. The star of the burger should be the mushroom. It really gave the bite a bit more excitement. I gave the egg away to Mr Boyfriend though, it doesn’t really makes much different in taste.

Look at the nice slightly red color patty. I mixed some bites with the crispy bacon, some with the onion ring etc for a different adventure each time. That’s the good thing about having different types of toppings with the burger.

Onion Rings. Plain old onion rings. We love this, but dislike the releasing of gas thereafter. I had previously tried the calamari during my first visit and I wasn’t impress by the batter. But this is GOOD! Very crispy, but a tad oily towards the end. But who cares? This meal wasn’t meant to be healthy anyway.

Buffalo Wings. The chilli dipping was serve separately with the wings. I didn’t try the dip though, but Mr Boyfriend said it’s pretty good. The wings on their own are very crispy too! Not oily but lack a bit of taste. But it’s pretty ok as there’s lots of other dips to go with it. I love it with tomato sauce.

Oreo Milkshake. I finish almost the whole cup by myself! The sweetness of the milkshake against all the salt of the main courses and sides, this is heaven. A very normal oreo milkshake. But good to order with the meal as it gives you that something different in taste when you need it to complete the meal. Or in my case, to finish the meal.

Our table looked like a war zone after the meal. And we freaking almost finish everything! Was left was my serving of fries, a slice of burger and some mushroom soup (which wasn’t very tasty after it lost it’s temperature). But as usual, My Boyfriend stomach most of it.

Overall, The Handburger serves very delicious beef patty which is truly very satisfying for the stomach. It’s the one place to try hamburgers if you love burgers. But not somewhere I will go constantly as the variety is not that much. Quality is there though. Price-wise is quite friendly for a hearty and filling meal.

Raffles City’s Outlet – First visit. Had the not-very-nice calamari there.
313@Somerset’s Outlet – Second visit. All the fried stuffs are good.