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We finally try this! I was kinda reluctant to try this favor alone as the packaging really gave the impression that the noodles is very spicy! And of course, it’s another air-flew instant noodles – Nissin 出前一丁 Super Hot Tonkotsu (spicy pork bone soup base) – from Bangkok.

I finally confirmed all these Nissin 出前一丁 noodles that I had been trying were from Hong Kong – see Nissin’s HK Web. Don’t you love the wide range of noodles that Hong Kong have? *heaven*

See, I’m not kidding when I say the package portrayed the noodles as super spicy. Even the noodles are in chilli red color!

Chilli-red noodles.

In that small little green packet, it actually contain chilli-red-colored-noodles, soup seasoning powder, seasoning sauce and chilli sauce. If you wanna try the noodles but worry about the spiciness of the soup, I guess you can forgo the chilli sauce. But it’s kinda wasteful ya? So throw everything in! That’s what we did.

Tada~ Cooked in no time. Especially it’s Mr Boyfriend who cooked this. Look very delicious.

I must really emphasis on these noodles. It really tasty and a slight spiciness to it. But the taste is still gentle to the taste bud. NICE~ But it was Mr Boyfriend lunch so I didn’t ‘steal’ too much from him. Just two spoonful. *such a nice girlfriend*

I must say this is seriously one of the best soup base I had had from instant noodles. It’s spicy from the look and packaging. But with that little chilli oil on the spoonful, the soup is actually very light. Just a slight spiciness. You can even taste sesame in the soup. Not very sure about the Tonkotsu part though. But I was really very satisfied with the soup base. Definitely one of the favor I will buy if ever to come across it again. Really a MUST TRY!

O yes, I really do recommend and like this Nissin 出前一丁 Super Hot Tonkotsu. Very interesting noodles and good favor soup, what else to ask from a simple meal of instant noodles?