I first saw the video of this sushi/ ice cream/ ramen/ fast food making stuffs on Youtube about a year ago. It was cool! But I didn’t really figure out what all this DIY ‘toy’ was about as the videos were in Japanese. But I saw a comment somewhere that this ‘toy’ decompose when left alone after a few hours. So I really have no idea whether is it edible or not. If no, why who anyone go through the ‘trouble’ of playing it. Just to see it decompose?

It was only after one blogger made a video about it that I realize these are actually really edible!

Mr Boyfriend surprised me with them one fine day! He bought a few sets for me to play with. And sushi seems to be easier and I had watched the video before so we decided to try our hands on this first. And also, it’s actually sugar candy/ jelly. Safe to be eaten.

All you need is in the box and a glass of drinking water. And someone who can read Japanese or one who can interpret instructions via pictures well. Or when in doubt, prepare and load the YouTube video first! I chose to try and interpret the pictures with Mr Boyfriend.

First we make the rice. Add water first to the part indicate 1.

Add the ‘rice’ powder and stir well.

Candy RICE! In touch it’s really FLUFFY! Just like cotton rice. Cool. So far so good.

Ok, next the Tuna! Nothing really hard. But I think I added too much water. The end product wasn’t ideal. Mix well and let it ‘set’/ harden.

It’s my favorite egg! I truly love the guy who invented this sweet Japanese egg. I added lesser water this time round. Mix well and leave it to set.

Ok, while researching for this post, I realized we made a mistake. Instead of going for the Fish Roe now, we should had ‘shape’ the sushi rice first. It had harden when we try to shape it after we finish the Fish Roe. So please please shape the rice before it harden. *lesson learn*

For the Fish Roe, there’s two compartment – A and B. There’s this powder to add into A that will ‘solidify’ the roe immediately so they won’t stick. It’s like making fish ball.

Mixing the orange mixture for the roe.

Making the Fish Roe is likely to be the most fun part of this whole toy set. I was happily letting each drop drop slowly down into the water and seeing it become small round balls immediately.

Tada~ Fish roe what are almost nearly ‘worthless’ comparing to the real ones.

All preparation done. Tuna, Egg, Fish Roe.

That black color piece is suppose to be the seaweed. But it was kinda hard to handle. And three big size sushi, as the rice had harden by now.

Gently remove the Tuna and Egg from the mould and place them lightly on top the rice or any other style you prefer. The Tuna broke while I remove it, due too much water I guess. And we managed to wrap the seaweed around one sushi. The Egg was near perfection.

O ya, before I forget. There’s even Soy Sauce for the sushi! This is how real the Sushi Set was. You got to give it to Japan. Only they can come up with this.

Tada~ Our completed Sushi Set. Pretty present looking I must say.

Now for the taste test. It look three brave people to try these fake looking food.
Fish Roe – We went with this first as it looked the most realistic. And guess what? It’s the closest to the real ones. The ‘roe’ really ‘pop’ in your mouth. Taste was normal.
Egg – Sweet with a hint of sourness. Otherwise pretty normal.
Tuna – The texture is really that of a real tuna! Rough. Doesn’t taste like one though.
Rice – Fluffy and chewy. Like hard cotton candy. Very interesting
Soy Sauce – Cola syrup.

So that ended our very interesting afternoon. Accomplished quite a lot in such a short afternoon – made three types of sushi!

It’s a pretty interesting ‘toy’ to play with. The enjoyment is during the process till deciding how the end product look like. And of course, trying and tasting something new. Good for both kids and adults. But I doubt parents will allow their kids to eat all the end product.

Would I buy again? Not really. But I would just to have a try on this.

In case you are wondering, Mr Boyfriend bought them at $10 each at a flea market in town.

I had enjoyable time makin’ sushi.

This is how much toy had evolved over time.