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I must confess. I’m a sandwich girl, especially anything with cheese. I can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and again the next day. Simple butter and jam sandwich is my best friend even when I’m sick and reject every other single food on earth.

But it took me a trip to Aussie + constipation and Subway to love non-white breads. But I love them now! The non-whites. Healthier.

I’m easily satisfied with melt-y cheese between two slice of toasted bread. But why not try something different? One of my friend had recommended trying grilled cheese sandwich. Found a recipe before and it wasn’t hard. So why not?

Ok, don’t laugh. I seriously have no idea how people does grilled cheese at home. I always though it can only be done on those hot plates in cafe. Till I searched and realized it can be easily done with a flat pan and butter. *p.s the photos are making me hungry for sandwiches right now*

It’s Sunday. Parents are out. And I have wheatmeal-white bread. So, I cracked up one egg and tada~ French Toast. Press it down harder, add a slice of cheese. Tada~ Grilled French Toast Cheese Sandwich, xTina’s Style.

Recipe (for 2 slices of bread)

1 egg
seasonings for egg (i used garlic salt and black pepper)
2 slices of bread


1. Beat egg with some seasonings to taste
2. Soak each side of the bread with egg
3. Butter a non-stick flat pan and fry french toast as normal (i press it down hard to flatten the bread). Repeat with second slice.
4. Leave the second slice of bread on the flat pan, add a slice of your favorite cheese on top and cover with the first slice of bread
5. Wait for cheese to melt and press lightly
6. Serve hot (best when cheese is ooze-ing out)

I super love how the cheese is warm, soft and melt-y in between the two slices of bread. If there’s a slice of ham in between, I’m so gonna fell in love with it. Or even a slight sprinkler of sugar on the cheese will bring the taste buds to another level of excitement.

If there’s a rush of time, there’s always a simpler version. Two toasted bread and a slice of cheese. Less exciting but it still does have it’s own magic and attraction.

Throw in some fruits to make this an even more hearty breakfast. Or dinner for the matter.

Everyone loves a hearty meal to start the day
Who can resist cheese ooze-ing out of ANYTHING