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It’s one of the night again! Instant noodle for dinner. I had been a very good girl today and finish one whole dragon fruit by myself so I guess a bit of instant noodles won’t kill.

This (Nissin 出前一丁 Japanese Sauce Flavor Bowl Noodle) flew all the way from Bangkok just like others instant noodles I had post about. There’s TONS more. It will take awhile before I stop posting about instant noodles I got from Bangkok. And yes, they do have many many flavor of Nissin 出前一丁 there.

Something different. This is actually a ‘bowl instant noodle’ instead of the traditional type that we have to cook in a pot of water. And I can’t deny, the picture/ packaging looks kinda tempting. Pretty colorful.

The noodles look normal, a fork, a packet of dehydrated vegetables and a packet of seasoning powder. Pretty normal looking so far, besides the picture on the cover.

It’s suppose to be a ‘dry’ noodle, so after the boiling water in the bowl for 3minutes, there’s this cover on the top corner to be tear off and provide the ease of draining off the water. So far so good.

Seriously, everything had been pretty normal so far. And it’s the last step after draining off the water.

The seasoning powder was pretty hard to mix in and mix well with the noodles. Maybe I drain the noodles too dry or the powder had harden up too much. It took me awhile to complete this step.

It still looked very normal! Here’s the taste test:

Not something I like. The taste is like dark soya sauce + oyster sauce + sourness. Very ‘unique’ but too ‘unique’ for my liking. I had to mix in some chilli, a first for me for instant noodles. But even then, I did not enjoy this. On top of it, the serving is considerably small. Just nice for me, but won’t be sufficient for a normal eater.

Taste-wise I felt disappointed. =(

There’s bound to be up and down in life
Just like our journey of trying out new stuffs
Including instant noodles