I certify Mr Boyfriend and I as easy-going buyers. You know why? The auntie at Eu Yan Sang only offer us each a small small cup of herbal soup and we bought three bottles of the concentrated herbal tea.

I seriously thought that Yang Sheng Le (养生乐) was a brand headed by Eu Yan Sang (余仁生). But after searching online, it’s actually under Nestle Singapore. But not really surprising as Nestle is actually quite a big player.

The auntie offered us the American Ginseng soup and Mr Boyfriend love it so we got a bottle of this to try. It’s going for less than S$9 per bottle and serve four. So at slightly more than S$2 per serving for such high quality herbal soup, it is pretty worth the money and affordable. (p.s. I strongly believe Eu Yan Sang sells the best)

What I love most about this is that the concentrated ‘jelly’ does not contains any MSG, preservatives, artificial coloring. I’m totally against MSG.

And the best part? It’s really simple to prepare. If you are as lazy as me, just pour the contain into a pot of water and boil for 20mins. If you are feeling a bit more hardworking, you can add in some chicken pieces (meat or bone will be fine).

The one small bottle of goodness.

American Ginseng (花旗參) is said to promote secretion of Body Fluids, reduce heat in the body, soothe the Lungs, restore energy. Especially beneficial for smokers, urban dwellers, people prone to fatigue and irritability and stressed people. (source: Eu Yan Seng)

Other main goodness in this bottle are Huai Shan, Gou Qi, Yu Zhu and Long Yan.

So it’s really a perfect bowl of soup for everyone. Who aren’t stress and easily tired from this fast and stressful life in Singapore?

We are lazy people, so we only boil the ‘jelly’ with water.

One bottle + 1L of water + 20 mins = three big bowls of herbal soup for four.

It’s tasty. That is if you like herbal soup. If no, you might want to skip this. The taste is pretty strong (stronger than those sold outside), but at the same time it’s very smoothing. Easy to stomach. But it is really kinda weird to drink such herbal soup without seeing any herbals.

Strongly recommend for those who need and want to treat their health/ body to a nice nutritious bowl of soup. This is the answer. Especially for those busy individuals.

It’s really worth the money. Seriously.

p.s. the auntie mentioned we can try mixing one tablespoon of the ‘jelly’ with water and go with noodles or mee sua (面线).