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I had 500g of cream cheese and a bottle of coffee liquor, so it was between Tiramisu and Baileys (Coffee Liquor) Cheesecake. I chose the latter because it is easier comparing to a Tiramisu. (i had to make this to clear the ingredients and gives Mr Boyfriend the green light to finish the liquor =X)

I had leftovers of Lady’s Finger from the last round of Tiramisu so decided to make us of them inside of making the cheesecake base from biscuits or sponge cake. Save time and can help to clear stock – me like! Used a 7” square pan.

I was really trying my luck to melt the chocolate and the marbling effect on the cheesecake. Something new. But I fell in love with the pattern when I tried previously with jam. All went pretty well. But the three hours wait for ‘the moment of truth’ was a bit hard.

p.s. pardon the photos. Was in a rush to pack and go over to Mr Boyfriend’s.

But look! It’s a pretty sight! I blushed the Lady’s Finger with some coffee, like how you would with Tiramisu to soften it and pour in the cheese mixture. It’s so simple.

Used another brand of coffee liquor so I can’t really call this the Bailey’s Cheesecake. Comparing both liquor, this Sheridan’s is smoother and not as strong as Bailey’s. Added more than what the recipe call for too.

Recipe (i lost the link i adapted the recipe from, but the blogger amended it from Anncoo Journal. following is my version)

Lady’s Finger
1 packet instant coffee + 100ml hot water. Cooled and add 4tbsp coffee liquor

Cheese Filling
375g cream cheese
80g icing sugar
10 tbsp coffee liquor (original called for 6tbsp)
15g gelatin powder + 3 tbsp water
400g heavy cream
some dark chocolate (for marbling)


1. Line 7” square tin, lay Lady’s Finger and brush with cooled coffee
2. Soak gelatin powder with water and double boil. Cooled after all dissolved.
3. Beat cream cheese, icing sugar, coffee liquor
4. Whip heavy cream till peak (by hand or machine would be fine)
5. Add dissolved gelatin to cheese mixture and mix well
6. Fold in whipped cream into cheese mixture
7. Pour into prepared tin
8. Melt some dark chocolate and drop drops of melted chocolate over the cake and ‘stir’ with a stick as desired
9. Chilled in the freezer for minimum 3hours

Normally the recipes will call for the cheesecake to be chilled in the fridge. I read somewhere someone tried the freezer so I decided to chill it in the freezer too. It was surprisingly good! Here was the real journey of the cheesecake: 30mins in the freezer at my house, 3hours in the fridge, traveled to Mr Boyfriend’s, 1hour in the fridge, 4hours in the freezer. And guess what? The texture is very very close to those being sold outside! It’s really amazing.

It remained in the freezer since then, and it’s like ice cream now. Not bad!

So my next cheesecake shall goes into the freezer too to confirm this theory.

This is definitely my better-est cheesecake so far, with the height and texture like the commercial type. Super happy. Those who tried the freezer version loved it.

Another success.

Chilled cheesecake is almost a breeze to make
But cream cheese really doesn’t come cheap
But I’m happy to do so long everyone enjoy it