Ok, I must confess it’s Mr Boyfriend and my virgin trip to The Cafe Cartel. We had been to IMM countless time but it never really came into our mind to try it. One fine night we met up with two other friends and they highly recommended the grilled pork at The Cafe Cartel.

We each order a main course each, mainly grilled pork – ribs & chop. That’s all. The two friends had only tried the grilled ribs and had never ever change their orders. So we were pretty excited to try the grilled ribs too. The last time I had ribs was years ago at Big O.

Mr Boyfriend wanted both ribs and chop so he ordered the combo.

Since there’s already 3 ribs on the table, I ordered a Hawaiian Pork Chop. The photo was very attracting.

Add $3.90++ to any main course and you will get a drink (coffee/ tea/ soft drinks), soup of the day and garlic bread.

We had Cream of Chicken, without any trace of chicken though. But nonetheless the soup is pretty good. A good start to the dinner. This goes really well with the garlic bread.

Garlic bread was superb! Soft, warm and crispy all at once. Taste of garlic is also just right. Everyone loves this.

Grilled Pork Ribs & Pork Chop ($22.50). Not sure what was the sauce, seems like BBQ for the ribs and Texas Mushroom for the pork chop. Overall, it’s really worth ordering if you want to try both cuts on one plate. The bone of the ribs came off really easily. Pork chop was grilled nicely, still moist inside. Wish there’s more salad though.

Grilled ribs (regular) with BBQ sauce ($18+ with set). This is the ‘norm’. Friend No. 1 can’t finish this. But being a guy, the small servicing will not be sufficient. Very moist and came easily off the bones also.

Friend No. 2 had this too, but honey glazed. Personally I prefer the honey glazed ribs more. Taste is not as overwhelming as BBQ, milder, hence easier on the taste bud.

Hawaiian Pork Chop ($18.50) was a cheat! There’s only three miserable canned pineapple by the side of the plate and they named this Hawaiian Pork Chop. Remove that few slices of pineapple made me felt better. I wish they make an effort to at least grilled the pineapple and gave more.

Taste wise, this pork chop is really good. The serving came with three slices of meat and very little bone in them. And see how thick the slice is. Moist and tender. The sauce is a like mushroom with a hint of black pepper. Truly to my taste.

Not to forget, though the fries look normal, but they are fried just nice and crispy. Drain in with the sauce and it’s really good (sinful too). The amount of sauce given is just nice to serve both purposes (the meat and the fries). Coleslaw is below average.

The ‘Hawaiian’ way to eat this.

Tada~ The plate is cleared! Mr Boyfriend had one 1/3 of the serving though. I was already almost full after just 1/3 of it. But it’s really worth the calories to finish everything.

Overall, we would really want to go back and try other main course, e.g. grilled chop with pasta. Can’t wait to go back, but I would really need a hungry tummy to do it. Serving is normal for guys but kinda big for girls – worth the money.

p.s. The cakes will be going on 50% discount after 9pm.

Total damage for 4 mains + 3 top-up for sets = $90 (including ++ and 10% off for Citi Bank).