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It had been ages since I heard of friends crossing the highway to have a quick meal, be it dinner or supper, a car wash and drive back within a short span of a few hours (provided there is no jam that night). And Mr Brother had been pestering us to go with him for supper. So we did one fine night.

If I’m not wrong, the hawker is called Taman Sri Tebrau (I’m not good with Malaysia address but Google suggested it), just a short 30mins drive after the checkpoint, or was it Mr Brother drove too fast.

It’s like a MEGA hawker center with a small area selling fruits besides it. It was around 10pm on a Sunday night and there were still Singaporean around there.

Mr Brother recommended Restoran Mun for some ‘zi char’ dishes first. Was told most Singaporean will choose to patronize this stall, so here we are.

Typical menu of any ‘zi char’ stall. Being the first stall and recommendation, we ordered some greens, a yam ring and some seafood for supper. (p.s. the night did not end here, far from it)

The greens was stir-fry pea shoots (aka dou miao) with garlic. Personally I love this cooking method for almost all greens as it’s brings out the best of them and the huge fire at such stalls brings out an even better favor. I don’t eat pea shoots thought, I tried but still dislike the vege itself, but the rest pretty much like it. And the garlic that came with it.

Seafood No. 1 was la-la, a type of shellfish, with chilli. This got 2 votes out of 4. So pretty passable but some might not like that taste as it’s different from those we get locally. The gravy is kinda starchy too, they could have went easier on the corn flour. Pretty normal, nothing special.

Special appearance would have to go to Yam Ring! This is a personal favorite in the Chan-Family. When I was young, we used to go ‘zi char’ quiet often and it’s common to have this dish. It’s hard to get good Yam Ring locally nowadays. The yam ring itself is likely not to have sufficient yam taste or too much flour was added and gives it a very paste texture. This yam ring is pretty good! And there’s actually still cashew nuts in the ‘filling’. Many local ‘zi char’ stalls had already do away with the nuts. Nice~ Recommended.

The photo said all. When you see deep-fried bun (aka man tou), it would very and most likely meant chilli crab! And yes, we had chilli crab as our seafood no. 2. P.s. note the size of the bun. Two buns is almost the length of iPhone! Almost doubled the size of what we get here.

Seafood No. 2 – Chilli Crab! Sad to say by the time we get there, they had only medium sized crabs left. And their medium, it’s around 300g each, which is pretty small. Nonetheless, the meat was pretty nice. The sauce itself, like the la-la chilli, has a bit too much starch/ corn flour in it. And taste wise, it’s more to sour side rather than spicy. It’s passable, but not really recommended. Not cheap too, nearly 70 RM for two medium sized.

And you thought the above is sufficient for supper for 4 pax? Be amaze by the power of bottomless tummy of the boys.

Stall No. 2 that night was this Penang Fried Kueh Teow (rice noodles) on the next lane to the ‘zi char’ stall. Hard to miss as it was one of the few stalls left open at night.

Smells good and looks good. But it lacked that bit of wok-taste. The kueh teow left the wok too soon. How we wish the uncle fry it just a bit more, it could have made a world of difference. And Mr Boyfriend felt cheated as the uncle did not use the duck eggs, but used chicken egg for our plate. I suggested that the duck egg (bigger in size) is for two plates instead of one.

Stall No. 3 that we visited was Penang Prawn Mee (soup type). How can we not try this and leave when Mr Boyfriend has a special relationship with prawn mee.

The style reminded us of the prawn noodle from Old Town, also Penang style. Soup base taste like thick prawn broth that was diluted, meaning lack in thickness/ taste. Smell wise was good, you can easily detect the fragrance of prawns’ heads, but the soup seriously lack that thickness. The spiciness will also climb back up your throat after drinking. Good to try, but you won’t miss much if you did not.

Mr Boyfriend wanted to continue his eating adventure but was told to choose his last stall and he opted for Lok-Lok (PP Food Corner) which was a short 5 minutes down the road and turn right. Mr Brother was already stuffed with food and me? Almost too full to take in anymore.

But I did not regret going over to PP Food Corner for some Lok-Lok. It was actually my virgin Lok-Lok experience and it’s good to have a cup of acidic drink after all the food. Their sour plum + lime juice helps!

The one single lorry really has a wide range of food, fried stuffs, mushroom, vege, tofu, meat, bacon, ham, pork spare parts, meat balls etc etc. It’s endless. And don’t ask me how they calculate the cost, it’s color coded, but I never found out how much each color code stand for.

These two plateful of Lok-lok and 4 drinks cost us less than 40 RM. There’s a choice between cooking in normal soup base, spicy soup base and deep-frying. The recommendation was deep-fry for all. Yes, even for vege. Very sinful and unhealthy I know. Supper wasn’t meant to be healthy anyway.

Though we took the sauces to go along, I hardly touch them, the boys like the spicy green chilli though. But I was told the spiciness will varies. I guess it meant they are freshly made and so the spiciness will depends on the stock.

Something special we found was this ham-cheese roll, not sure how it originally looked like, but after frying, the cheese is like flowing out of the layer of ham. Highly recommended.

And yes, finally after all these food, we ended our supper trip. The supper which is more like a dinner, damage was around 120 RM for the four of us. If anyone consider this truly a supper, do let me know. I’m sure Mr Boyfriend would like to befriend you.

The Lok-Lok place do have other dishes worth trying, like wanton noodles and chicken rice (stall beside). Will leave that to another day with an empty stomach.

It’s fun to stuff yourself silly once awhile.
Unhealthy, yes.
But it’s fun!