Mr Boyfriend and I pop over to Bangkok recently for our yearly getaway. And guess what? Instead of getting clothes and bags like normal people did, we got back LOTS of instant noodles. For some reasons, the supermarket at Siam Paragon has a super wide range of instant noodles, from Korean, from Nissin. Flavors that I hadn’t saw in Singapore.

Today I finally got to try my first packet of instant noodles that flew back with me from Bangkok!

First flavor to try – 出前一丁 XO Sauce Seafood Flavor.

Packaging wise it looks like a normal Nissin 出前一丁 instant noodles we have here. But I’m really excited to try out the taste and open the pack excitingly.

There’s three packets of seasoning inside, one is the soup base powder, one is the XO sauce and one is the oil. The special thing is the XO sauce which will make this noodle so special.

Cooked as normal instant noodles, throwing in hotdog and crab sticks. The nose did not detect anything out of the world, but drink the soup and you will know. The slightly milky soup base is full of seafood and the bits from the XO sauce season packet brought an extra taste to the soup base. Pretty refreshing comparing to the ‘normal’ Nissin 出前一丁 noodles. Something extra on top of the seafood taste. Noodles is exactly the same as the ones we had in Singapore, so nothing to mention about.

If available in Singapore or you happen to see this somewhere, it’s definitely worth a try.