It had always been a wish to visit Goodwood Park Hotel for their buffet as they are well-known for their high standard in the food they serve. Not to mention the ‘atas’ environment there. It’s not a common thing for us to pay a visit to Goodwood Park Hotel.

Chance upon an offer on Groupon at Spa Rael which is at Goodwood Park Hotel – $50 for a 60mins oil massage and 30mins body polish. It’s too good to be miss!So the plan was to enjoy the pampering massage from 2pm to 3:30pm, and walk over to the High-Tea buffet place for a relaxing afternoon meal from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. The perfect plan!

The massage was amazing! The best I ever had. Even though it was an offer from Groupon, the service was tip-top and felt very relaxing after it.

Back to the High-Tea buffet.

The Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park Hotel serves a range of buffets throughout the day, from breakfast to lunch to high-tea to dinner. The tummy should be empty before massage, so I opt for the high-tea instead of lunch. Local delights were the main theme for this high-tea session.

There’s a range of items but mainly Nonyan delights, like the kueh-s, a few selections of cakes, some small bits and that’s about it. But the overall experience was a good one.

First up was Glutinous Rice, Soon Kueh, Kueh Pie Tee and Deep-fried Chicken. Nothing really ‘wow’ about this plate, but I did like the Glutinous Rice as compared to the rest. Skin of the Soon Kueh was on the thick side, but the filling was good. Kueh Pie Tee was a DIY dish, so I added in lots of vege filling and top with mashed hard-boiled egg. But when you bite into the Kueh Pie Tee, the taste of the Pie Tee itself overfill your mouth, covering the sweetness of the vege filling. Deep-fried Chicken taste good, but nothing really ‘wow’ about it comparing to the hotel’s standard.

Laksa was also a DIY dish. I pretty much suspect this having an influence of Nonya into it as it was on the sour-side comparing to our normal Laksa. The thick bee-hoon were pre-cooked and for your self-helping. Just like the rest of the sides like fish cake, egg, curry leaves etc. Gravy is slightly on the thick side, hence very flavorful. But personally, I prefer the food-court-style laksa more. More satisfying.

Mee Siam. Another self-service dish there. More to my liking compared to the Laksa. Thick gravy too. Add in a few drops of the lime juice, a nice mix of the peanut gravy, spiciness and sourness.

Curry Chicken with a choice of Roti Prata and French Loaf. I had both! I love my Roti Prata and I love bread, so I decided to try both with the Curry Chicken. The thickness of the Roti Prata was just alright, and not to messy to eat at such an ‘atas’ place. Dip in with such curry chicken, and it hits the spot of a Singaporean girl. French Loaf dripping with curry was a bit more messy, but it’s simply too good to resist. They really serve a very mean pot of Curry Chicken. Good on it’s own, even better with bread or prata. Love it.

I called this the Kueh-s. I’m not sure about that orange-colored tapioca kueh as I don’t eat it, but the rest, Kueh Lapis, Ang Koo Kueh and Onde-Onde, tasted just like the ones we find in Bengawang Solo. I was kinda suspecting they are really from B.S. The Kueh Lapis was the best. Skin of Ang Koo Kueh was a bit thick, which I didn’t fancy. The coconut syrup inside the Onde-onde basically burst out in your mount when you bit into it. Very fun thing to eat.

After all the ‘mains’, it’s finally my personal favorite part of ALL buffets – Dessert!

Hazelnut Cake. This is really good. Initially the taste of hazelnut is not really there, but eventually the taste will climb back up your throat and enters your mouth. Simply love.

Raspberry cake. It’s pretty sour comparing to the rest, but just nice to balance out the sweetness. Kinda like cleansing the taste. Very refreshing.

Chocolate cake. Pretty normal. But the way of it looking so simple and clean cut, how can anyone resist? Thickness of the chocolaty was just right.

Mango Sago. A pretty normal dessert. Nothing amazing about this.

This is likely to be a hit with kids – Movenpick Ice-cream!! I’m a kid. So I simply heart this! Movenpick is my new-found love ever since my trip to Europe. But it’s pretty pricy to have on a normal day. So even though my stomach can’t contain anymore, I must squeeze in just that little bit. Favors for that day was Raspberry and Espresso. Both were thick in favor and simply true goodness of ice cream. There’s even a few toppings for you to add on but I like mine ‘naked’ as usual.

The high-tea buffet also comes with a free-flow of coffee or tea which the serving crew tops-up really promptly. I love my red hot tea any time any day.

Overall, it was a really good experience to dine at a place I always wish to, and even brought my mum there! Though not a full meal, just a high-tea, it was pretty good. Food variety might not be a lot, but it’s a pretty good range for an afternoon snack, covering most of the local delights. They could have try harder with the Dim Sum or totally remove it.

And it’s not as inaccessible as I thought it was. Just a short 5minutes walk from Far East Plaza.

Total Damage – S$77 for 2 pax for Friday’s session

Interested to try the English Afternoon Tea next.

Enjoyment should be the Way of Life