I’m very happy this weekend because I managed to try my hands on yet another dish that I had always been wanting to but the time is always not right. So today, I finally set my foot down and prepared this! Lasagna.

I never thought I will do this as it’s pretty troublesome – preparing of sauce, assemble with lots of cheese, bake, serve. Adding that my parents never really like western stuffs, I can only do this when boyfriend and brother is around. So today is the day!!!


It was pretty simple actually. Prepared the sauce in the morning and assemble + bake 30mins before eating time. And since the oven has enough space for another tray, I did garlic bread too. Very atas looking lunch.

Recipe for Lasagna (adapted from Noob Cook)

1 large onion, chopped
400g pasta sauce
300g minced chicken + 300g minced pork (original use beef only)
1 cup red wine
500g shredded mozzarella cheese
olive oil
5 bay leaves (i didn’t put)
1 tomato diced (original did not call for this)

Method (for meat sauce)

1. Heat up olive oil and dry onion till soft
2. Add minced meat (i seasoned slightly with black pepper, sesame oil and some salt)
3. Add pasta sauce and tomato
4. Add red wine
5. Season with salt and pepper

To assemble
1. Some olive oil on the base of the baking tray
2. Some pasta sauce (uncook)
3. Lay pasta, meat sauce and cheese.
4. Repeat step 3
5. Repeat step 3
6. Top with lots of cheese and some pieces of butter

Bake 200C, 30min (or till cheese is golden brown)

Recipe for Garlic Bread

1 whole garlic
olive oil
parsley flakes
A few slices of bread (halved) (i used thick toast today)


1. Chop garlic till fine
2. Soak garlic with olive oil
3. Add some parsley flakes
4. Apply on bread like you would with butter
5. Top with cheese

Bake 200C, 15min (or till cheese melted)

Comments from both boyfriend and brother were good! Mega happy. Even I had second servings! Yes, it is that good. And you don’t have to follow the recipe to the T. I bought some mushroom and threw them in, some meat balls too. If there’s any gatherings etc, I bet this recipe will be a winner. And to speak the truth, the cooking time is actually quite little. Not much preparation to be done too. Can easily pop the dish into the oven before guests arrive.

P.s. adding fresh tomato gave it a better taste actually. didn’t buy specially for this dish though. Just happen to have and threw it in.

Similarly for the garlic bread. Garlic + olive oil or butter + bread and you are good to go. Cheese was good to have but not a must. And the mushroom is only for garish. Either thick toast or normal bread are good. But adjust the temperature and time accordingly as the oven tends to dry up the bread while baking too. Serve with any cream soup and it’s another crowd winner. Who doesn’t love garlic bread?

Ang moh’s comfort food is our atas food