Who doesn’t love seeing liquid chocolate oozing out from any kind of food?? I’m no exception. Ever since I was introduced to TCC’s Dark Devotion aka Chocolate Laval Cake, I was hooked! I can easily polish one whole D.D down no matter how full I am. 

Had shelved the idea of making one myself because I know the center can be easily over-cooked. Temperature and time matters a lot for this. And I wasn’t confident enough. But today, I tried! The center was not oozing with chocolate, but it is still liquid! And really rich in favor. Mad love!

I’m proud of the center liquid.

Recipe (adapted from Noob Cook)

100g dark chocolate (i use dark chocolate from Phoon Huat, 56%)
100g butter
2 eggs
50g sugar
20g self-raising flour

1. Melt dark chocolate and butter using double boil method
2. Beat eggs and sugar till pale and frothy
3. Add chocolate mixture to eggs mixture and beat till mix
4. Fold in flour
5. Grease ramekin and fill till 3/4 full (i use the Daiso ramekin, make 5)

180C, 10min (i bake till 15min)

It’s really worth trying and not that difficult to do! Serious. Instead of spending over $15 for one outside, this is pretty good for an almost FOC Chocolate Lava Cake. Easily impressing anyone who eat it. And very satisfying for the soul. Truly a comfort food on it’s own.

Comfort for the soul