We had always enjoyed Mango Pudding and so why not try making ourselves? But I cheated. I bought the pudding powder from Red Man. Advantage? It’s fuss free! Just add water.

But of course since it’s already pretty easy, and mango are pretty sweet recently, I bought two mango and added them in. And it’s a good thing I did that! The pudding itself is rather bland. The mango lifted everything up.

If you invited your friends over for dinner and want a super easy and satisfying dessert, this is a really good answer to it. Simple. Cutting up mango is not that hard either! I chilled the pudding overnight though.

Boyfriend suggested we add in some sugar syrup next time to sweeten the pudding. If not for the mango, this won’t be as successful. Lucky ar!!

What you need

1 box of Red Man Mango Pudding Powder
2 mango (cube or sliced)

Method (as per instruction on box)

1. 500ml water + 1 packet pudding powder heat over stove and stir till boil
2. Once boil, remove from stove and continue to stir for 3 – 5 mins
3. Divide mango cubes/ slices, fill mould or container with pudding mixture
4. Let cool at room temperature and chill at least 3 hours

Texture is pretty good for a pre-mix. Soft yet firm. If there’s visitors coming over, this is really a fool-proof dessert to make. And also serve as a cooling dessert in a warm country like ours. Super love fuss-free stuffs.