I have always love that Sweet Potato Ball selling at Chinatown Hawker. I can easily stomach $2 worth of it. That round orange golden ball that is sweet and chewy. Best eaten when it’s freshly fried!

Decided to give it a try since its a well-like snack in the family. But I never though it will be that hard! Ok, it’s not very hard to do, but pretty time consuming. First the sweet potatoes have to be steam, cool, de-skin, mash, sift in flour and sugar, abit of water and mix into a smooth dough. And then into small balls to be fried.

Recipe (adapted from Jane’s Corner)

310g sweet potato (i used japanese type)
6 tbsp plain flour
2 1/2 tsb sugar
water enough to make smooth dough

1. Steam/ cook sweet potato, de-skin and mash
2. Mix in the rest into smooth dough
3. Roll into balls and deep fry and serve

I guess using the Japanese type sweet potato failed to give it the ‘traditional’ taste but it’s still pretty good. The taste of sweet potato is more than those sold outside. Guess more flour are mix-in to yield more balls.  Likely to try again with the orange-colour sweet potato. Might be better. But still, pretty interesting and simple to do. Great for a lazy day snack.

Another ‘retro’ and childhood snack
不是很 special, 可是就是会想它