I’m sick! Suffering from cough and running nose but I’m still super tempted to bake! Especially this simple and almost fuss-free recipe from AFC’s webby, which did not require any machine. Just two bowls, a whisk and a spoon. And, it’s the FIRST time I use vanilla bean!!! After seeing it on TV so many times, I finally got to try it myself.

Ingredients-wise, it’s also very simple. Just flour, eggs, oil, milk, cinnamon powder and some jam. Looks ‘tough’ but it’s really soft. I like how the jam ‘erupted’ while baking too.

The recipe was in cups measurement, so I had a tiny-winny tough time converting the measurements. But all is well! I especially like that sugar coated top. But I guess my brother kinda dislike as it made him waited quite awhile before I allow him to eat.

But it’s kinda sad that the cinnamon is too overwhleming to be able to enjoy the vanilla bean the recipe called for. Something new though. And simple enough for a sicky person to make.

Recipe (adapted and converted from AFC)

354g milk
1 vanilla bean
340g sugar
156g vegetable oil
2 eggs
390g plain flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder


1. Heat milk and vanilla bean over smal fire for 15mins and cool
2. Add sugar, oil and eggs to cooled milk
3. Sift the dry stuffs and add to milk mixture. Mix well
4. Fill to 2/3 and add some jam and top with mixture
5. Bake at 176C for 35mins – 45mins

For Dip

1. Melt 55g butter
2. Mix 55g sugar with 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
3. Brush cooled muffin with butter and dip into cinnamon sugar


It’s kinda soft and moist. Though coated with sugar, the sweetest is ok. But I felt wasted that the vanilla taste is not strong enough. But good experience since it’s something new that I hadn’t handle before. Super love the jam inside the muffin. Make it very moist. A keeper. Especially since it’s so simple to handle and bake. Easily yeild almost 2 dozen of these sweet little things.

It’s really comforting to the soul
To see these little babies rise nicely in the over
Even more comforting to know
I can bake even when I’m sick
Wonders of baking