The weather is ever-changing and chance upon this simple recipe from Sweet Crumbs that is beneficial for coughing and running nose. Basically to cool the body. I didn’t really have all the ingredients on hand, so pop-ed by the chinese medicine shop and the auntie there recommended I threw in some nan xing (南杏), bei xing (北杏) and dried fig (无花果干).

I only heard of them but had never really bought any of them to try. But since the auntie say its good for cough (I’m coughing quite badly) and to cool in this hot weather, decided to get a packet each. Total $5.20.

O ya, almost forgot. I added in dried snow jelly (雪蛤) also. Bought this quite awhile back from Jurong Frog Farm. It’s good for the lung too. Many other benefits, but I can’t remember now. A packet of this is good enough for 10 servings.

Its really simple. Wash, cut pear, boil water, throw everything in, boil and serve.



Recipe & Method (altered from Sweet Crumbs)

2 Chinese Pear (cut)
2 handful each of the nan xing (南杏), bei xing (北杏)
1 handful of honey dates
1 handful of dried fig (无花果干)
some white fungus (soak and cut)
1 packed of Dry Snow Jelly (雪蛤) (soak overnight)
4L of water
Yellow rock sugar to taste

1. Wash/ cut the necessary

2. Boil water and throw in everything beside white fungus and rock sugar. Boil again.

3. After around 30mins, add white fungus and rock sugar. Continue to boil till pear is soft. Serve or chill.

It’s really easy to cook and drink! Especially when you know it will do you good. Hope my cough will get better after drinking this. The wonders of Chinese dessert. Enjoy!