Recreation of Recipe II – No-bake Cheesecake, did not come easy!

This oldie recipe from my mun have is written in both alphabet and doctor-style Chinese characters. And being me, I read the alphabets and there’s an error in one of the ingredient! It should be ‘condense milk’ but it was written as ‘m-i-l-k’! Imagine my shocked after making the first cake and realize the error.

Nonetheless that first cake which I called ‘Cheesecake w Milk’ turned out pretty edible, but taste kinda like tofu (quoted from brother).

Today, I made the proper cheesecake with condense milk. It’s really simple comparing to those ‘modern’ recipe as there’s no need to whip the whipping cream. Just condense milk, cream cheese, gelatine and a bit of lemon juice.

Not wanting the cheesecake to look too plain, I added a few ‘lump’ of Wild Blueberries Jam on top and swirl it in. And this gave the cake an additional taste as cheese tends to be overpowering.

Recipe for the base

1) 5oz biscuit crushed to sand-like texture and mix with 4ox butter. I chose wholegrain biscuit as I prefer the texture. (note: original recipe call for double of this. Mum told me that cheesecakes then has this surrounding it and as the base)

2) Flatten into mould. I used a 8” square tin. (though looks kinda thin, it’s actually just nice)

Recipe for cheesecake filling

1) 15g gelatine powder soak in 6 tsp water and double boil till liquid (this is the method I prefer after trying a few)

2) Beat 250g cream cheese and add 250g condense milk. (mixture should be smooth and thick by now)

3) Add in 1 tbsp lemon juice and mix.

4) Add in cooled gelatine solution and mix well.

5) Pour mixture into mould. And decorate with jam.


The texture is kinda jelly/ pudding like. But very soft and the sweetness from the condense milk and cheese goes pretty well together. I especially like when there’s a hint of the blueberries jam in that bite. Brings the taste to a whole new level. Can try adding fresh fruit to the cake next time. Likely to do a 2-share recipe next time with the 8″ mould.

Recreating a taste from the past using just recipe
Though hard, it’s pretty interesting
And it gives an insight to what people in the 80s like
Other dress in retro clothes
Me bake retro cakes