I was wondering whether to post this up. My not-really-successful Custard Cream Puff. The custard was good, but the puff was only 50% successful. A rather disappointment but at least it’s edible! =X Here goes….

The puffs looks fine on the surface, but the ‘inside’ wasn’t as soft as it should be. This is actually the second batch I made and it’s still unsuccessful. The mixture became too watery after I added the eggs in. So depressing. Not wanting to throw everything away, I added some flour. So I guess that resulted in my ‘not-o-so-soft’ puffs. But they still looks OK!!! That’s the only comforting part.

The custard was pretty successful though it’s my first try. Used my mum’s recipe rather than the instruction on the package. Taste pretty good, and it turn into this jelly like form after chilling it in the fridge. But I should have sifted the flour instead.

Managed to make them look presentable *points above*.

Not going to share the recipe till I next try and succeed in them. Need to find out what went wrong first. It was a rather depressing day, especially since I had successfully made these on my first try years ago. O well, I will just try again next time.

Baking is like life
You might not succeed even after giving it your best
Not even when you followed the recipe to the T
Not even when it’s not your first time

But unlike life
There’s a second chance in baking