Dropped by Phoon Huat today and boyfriend wanted to try making Cream Caramel Pudding. Previous trip we went, they were out of stock of the conutsu which is the syrup for the pudding. It’s really simple to make and cost only $9 in total (conutsu, pudding mix and 1L UHT milk).

Filled 6 of the mould  and another bigger container with a layer of conutsu first, while cooking the UHT with the pudding mix. The moulds are only $2 each from Daiso!! So proud of myself. Didn’t went to spend on those expensive type.

Moulds filled with the pudding mix. It gave an eggy fragrant.

Left it to cool before placing them into the fridge. Took about 2 hours to solidify and cooled then we placed them into the fridge to chilled and it kind of get more solid.

The end product! Looks super nice, but a tad too sweet. Lesser conutsu would be better. But nonetheless, pretty good. But not my favorite. Good for gatherings since it’s pretty easy to make. Simply boil the UHT, add the pudding mix and pour into mould filled with a layer of conutsu. Simple!!

Like the recipe
It stated a layer
But how much is that ‘layer’
It wasn’t specify
Just like life
Not everything are specified clearly