I meant to post about my Chinese New Year bakes but the cookies were ushered very fast into the containers once cooled and off to someone’s stomach thereafter!

This year I was pretty hardworking, I did the usual almond cookies, cornflakes cookies and something exciting this year, I did EGG ROLL!! The old-style.

It was really HARD WORK! 2 of us ‘baking’ the egg roll, 1 rolling and after hours of sweat and body aching, we only managed to get 4 bottles! Those with just a layer of egg rolls, which isn’t really a lot. But the DIY egg rolls seems to taste better! Lighter in texture and carries a strong scent of coconut. Mr Boyfriend and I did this for a weekend (sunday+saturday) to earn ourselves 2 bottles each and his auntie who helped/ taught us, another 2 bottles.

Super proud of ourselves to be able to produce this traditional snacks the traditional-way – sitting on a small stool in front of the charcoal stove.

This the likely the most interesting thing I did this CNY, besides the usual baking.

Mr Boyfriend suggested we shall challenge the baked-style Kueh Lapis next year. I’m IN!

Till time allows, I think Mr Oven will continue to miss me. Had already bookmarked tons of recipe to try… I’m missing Mr Oven too!

Simply just egg, flour, sugar and coconut. But each individual roll are made with sweat, pain and patient.
Simple to eat but making it is pure hard work.
This is the wonder of homemade snacks.