Like always, this is actually a normal butter cookie recipe (see Classic Butter Cookies. Wanting something extra for boyfriend, I added almond powder (65g) to it. But I guess the amount was too little to have a significant taste, but your nose will be able to detect the hint of almond during baking. Will add more in my next bake.

bake with love

Mr Boyfriend was having his first written paper in 6years and had been worrying about it. Knowing he preferred cookies over cakes, made this especially for him. Hopping to cheer him up.

if it was not for love, this won’t had happened

I didn’t expect it to be so hard! The dough was not that easy to work with. I was having neck-ache and back-ache by the time I finish everything! It was not easy to keep the shape of the cookie either! But I survived!!!!

if this is not love, what is?


Everyone preferred this texture to the Classic Butter Cookies. This is more solid due to the rolling. Hence, a more satisfying feel when you eat them. Goes very well with coffee. But I doubt I will re-do this any time soon as its really tedious. But worth doing some your love ones.

Basic butter cookie with a tiny little hint of almond.
Rolled flat and cut into the shape of heart while thinking of him.

Made with love, bake with love.
Just like how love should be.