Sticky little glazed cherries. Very Christmas-colour, don’t you think so?

My mum was also a lazy baker. Comparing, she’s even lazier than me. It must had been in the blood. Glazed cherries was something that never failed to appear in the kitchen during CNY baking because my mum will cut them up into small little pieces and place them on the pipped butter cookies. Just for that little touch of colours, she always said.

Botak-looking butter cookies

Another thing she love (because its time saving and fuss-free), pipping of the buttery dough instead of using cookie cutter. It’s fast and easy. Looks easy, but its hard to get them all to look the same, at least for me. I’m a newbie!!! haha

That tiny little touch that add colours to life..

She can do this perfectly identical looking cookies. But for me? I’m satisfied just how these look like. Its my virgin try! At least they taste the same.


250g good quality butter
336g plain flour
112g icing sugar
1 egg white
glazed cherries for deco


1) Cream butter and icing sugar
2) Add egg white slowly
3) Add plain flour
4) Pipe the dough on baking tray
5) Bake at 170C for 20min

Pipping made the cookies thin and soft, which melts in the mouth. And seriously, fuss-free to do.

Back to basic.
The simpliest form of cookie.
Butter, flour, sugar and egg.

If only life is this simple.