I’m super proud to introduce this cupcakes that I had made in 2hours (including baking time). The recipe only called for 5 items, but I always wanted to try swirling Nutella into cupcakes, I decided to add some toppings too!

This is like the perfect butter cake recipe! Its actually older than me! My mum used to write in to Malaysia to request for the Planta recipe and this was one of them. However, I didn’t have any Planta at home, so I replaced it with butter. Just as good!

My little fairy cupcakes waiting to be bake..

The toppings I tried were Nutella (confirm to be a hot favourite), peanut butter (I didn’t like the after-baking colour so there wasn’t many of this), raisin (in the middle of course) and plain.

the girl-next-door Ms Original

the Sexy Ms Nutella
the Exciting Mr Peanut Butter
the Mini Babies

I love love the colour contrast between the butter cake and Nutella. Love it! Taste-wise, its superb too!

I hope you can see how soft the cake actually is! Just like store-bought. Seriously. Those old-fashion bakery but with a modern twist (e.g. Nutella). Its soft, yet dense.


8 1/2 oz Planta (i used butter)
5 eggs
7 1/2 oz sugar
9 oz plain flour + 1 1/2 tsp baking powder (sifted)

1. Cream Planta for 5 mins
2. Add sugar and cream for another 10 mins
3. Add one egg at a time
4. Fold in the flour mixture

For cupcakes – 325 F for 20 to 25mins


Loving it! Taking this as a base for cupcakes and adding different toppings is like adding a little excitement. I don’t mind re-doing this any time! It’s simply really easy. And making it into Mini Babies, one can easily pop them into the mouth. Simply irresistible. =)=)=)=) (4/5)

Little Mini Baby Cupcakes are simply irresistible.