Anyone saw the above machine before??? I have no idea what it’s called. But I can say, it produces very good chicken (just add honey). I lined the bottom with a layer of aluminium foil for easy cleaning after cooking.

Marinated chicken lined nicely inside the pot waiting to be cooked healthy. I classified this as healthy cooking because no oil is involved. And part of the chicken oil was being forced out too! How other best ways to enjoy chicken with skin without feeling guilty?
The end product:
Marinate 15 mid wings:
3 big teaspoon of honey (i used the cheap types you can easily find in supermarket)
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
dash of sesame oil (i swear by this to make any dish more fragrance)
1 tablespoon of chinese cooking oil
dash of black pepper
Cooking time: 40mins, 150 degree C to 200 degree C
It was longer than the suggested cooking time that came with the machine as I turned the wings and changed their positions every 10 to 15mins to have them evenly browned.
It’s just so simple!
Everyone said it’s good! Seriously. Having 15 pieces to share between 6 pax left them quite unsatisfied. But I have no idea how many the ‘pot’ can hold as we hadn’t use it in the longest time! A pretty fuss free way to get BBQ-alike chicken at home to satisfy the craving. The only thing lacking was the charcoal scent. Other then that, the whole family pretty much love this dish. =)=)=)=)=) (5/5)
BBQ food at home cannot get easier than this.