This is my first handmade birthday cake for someone special – Mr Boyfriend. It was his 24th and we are kinda on a tight budget. So instead of having the celebration outside, I made this for him. Somehow, he found out about it and it wasn’t a surprise anymore! Kinda sad.

After knowing, he requested to do some decoration on the cake. Since it’s his special day, he’s the boss. His wish was granted. We bought some icing tube and had some fun decorating before cake cutting.

The end product:

Recipe adapted from Wen’s Delight.I had some slight modification for the coffee mixture which was simpler. A pretty comfy-food-worthy cake made with a large large dose of LOVE! Beat that! =D

It wasn’t easy making this cake. There was quite a number of steps and took me 3hours x 2man to create this whole thing from nothing! But it was pretty much worth the trouble. Everyone love it! Most importance I guess is the Bailey’s. A very smoothing touch to the cake. I seriously dislike those Tiramisu which uses Rum, which I find too strong. Unless there’s a request, unlikely to re-do this cake. I’m a lazy girl remember? *wink* =)=) (2/5)