Had always wanted to try this shrimp patties from CP since my friend had been recommending it for a long long time. And one fine day, I needed to get more stuffs to hit $30 at NTUC to get a sticker. So I finally bought this!

Each box contains 4 individually packed pieces. Pretty convenient and no need to defrost due to the food sticking to each other by ice. I guess that added to the price.

As usual, being the lazy me, I only over-bake it instead of deep-frying it. Available in all leading supermarkets.

Was kind of disappointed by this product of CP. In general, frozen food from CP are slightly more costly than other brands due to their quality. I personally, believe in their branding and quality. Thought crispy, but the breaded layer was too thick as compared to the shrimp filling itself, to my opinion. The shrimp bites are not satisfying enough too, unlike the nuggets. Taste wise wasn’t that great too. This will be first and last box. Not worth the price. =)=)=) (3/5)
Easy to serve, but not worth the time and money.