This is my new toy (ard. $200)! Bought this earlier this week at Tangs. They are actually having an offer on this series of coffee machine for a certain quantity for each colour. But, not wanting to get one with the colour that I don’t really fancy, I paid a bit more to get the red colour machine. The difference between the offer package and the normal package is $30, so I guess it was not that much of a difference.

Tangs offered a total of 4 favours and I bought all four to try! Each box cost $10.90. And depending on the favours, you can get either 16 cups or 8 cups. So basically, it’s $0.70 (espressos) versus $1.40 (any other favours).

This is how the capsules look like..

My cup of cappuccino :

This is a pretty good way to get a nice hot cup of coffee at the comfort of your home. Comparing to other brands of coffee machine, Nescafe offers the most affordable range. (otherwise I won’t have bought it too!) It was a happy buy. Everyone so far that tried the coffee (Mocha with extra shot, Latte, Cappuccino) have good feedback. So I guess the machine is here to stay. Hopefully it last. Btw, it comes with 2-years warranty and made in Switzerland. =)=)=)=)=) (5/5)
This is even easier than cooking a packet of instant noodles!