Recently, my family and I went to have lunch at Tung Lok Seafood at Vivo City. The food really did live up to the name of Tung Lok. But, service was kinda lacking on that day. Maybe because they are full house. A place definitely worth going back to when you just gotten your paycheck.

Signature Roast Pork

This is definitely their signature. Sold out pretty fast. We ordered only one servicing initially and wanted to add another order, but it was gone! That’s fast. Skin was crispy, but there’s better ones out there too.

Deep-fried Sliver Fish

Pretty nice to munch on but the batter is kinda on the thick side for such a small fish. But something I will opt for if given the choice between this and roasted pork.


Can’t remember what soup we ordered but it’s pretty good! There’s pork, sea cucumber to name a few. But if the many other dishes to stomach, this was being neglected.

3-eggs Vege

Another well received dish. For the vege we chose spinach and it went very well with the eggs, namely, normal chicken egg, century egg and salted egg. Simply love the combination of this dish. Somehow, the texture of all the eggs and vege just goes very well with each other, the softness of the vege, the slightly harden century egg, roughness of the salted egg yolk, each coated with the normal egg.

Braised 扣肉

This doesn’t come with the steamed bun, but came with the deep-fried ones. Pork was soft and the sauce though look very glue-y, it’s rather smooth to slurp down. A must try if you like 三层肉.

Exotic Curry Prawn

The guys love love this, but I dislike the curry ingredients that were left in the gravy. Every spoon of gravy will have lots of dried chilli, onions, spices bits that are used. Not my type of gravy. But the taste is good! Prawns are not overcooked though left in the claypot. A must try if you like curry stuffs. Served with deep-fried buns. Yummy.

White pepper prawns with vermicelli

This is my favourite! Prawns are halved and seasoned with white pepper and garlic. Love the vermicelli the most! It basically contained all the essence of taste in the claypot. Super yummy! A rather light-taste prawn dish compared to the above.


Steamed fish in Hong Kong style

A rather small fish but the six of us, but it’s the quality that matters. Fish is fresh, as expected from a restaurant, and the sauce is superb. But not a must try.

Coconut ice-cream served in coconut

 Had this to end off the heavy lunch. It took us nearly 2 hours to finish everything and leave the restaurant. A pretty nice experience as it was our first time there. The dessert is really a good ending to the whole meal. It simply hit the spot. There’s some mango pomelo inside too. A very good mix.
This meal is TOTALLY fuss free! There’s no washing to be done, nothing to prepare off, besides dressing up to a nice relaxing meal. If you look at the pricing individually, they are not that expensive and rather worth the quality. A good place to bring your parents or future in-laws. There will bound to be something for everyone. =)=)=)=)=) (5/5)
ps total damage for the meal above with all the rice, tea etc, was nearly $300.