Noticed this new collection of spices at NTUC and I can’t control myself and bought one bottle of the Garlic Bread Spice Blend. According to the packaging, this collection is made in Vietnam with both imported and local ingredients. If I didn’t recall wrongly, one big bottle of 170g cost around $6 at NTUC. They also have sea salt, black pepper, and some other blends for pasta.
The suggested recipe is Garlic Bread and so decided to go with it.

The Gourmet Collection Garlic Bread

1) Butter some bread

2) Sprinkle the spice blend generously over

3) Toast the bread in a toaster oven for 5 minutes

4) Serve warm


Interestingly, the spice blend has some dried chili in it, and hence, spicy garlic bread. Not something I fancy. But boyfriend like the hint of spiciness in his garlic bread. And you do have to sprinkle the spice blend generously as the taste is quite mild. Overall was still alright. But I wish the bottle comes with a cover with holes so as to ease the sprinkling. Otherwise I have to pour some into a bowl and use a spoon to sprinkler over the bread. Will try with pasta next time, should go well with it. This is as fuss-free as homemade garlic bread can go if you don’t like store-brought garlic butter spread and yet don’t wish to chop your own garlic. =)=)=)=)=) (5/5)