Wanting a slightly better breakfast besides toasting the baguettes in the toaster oven, I decided to prepare a simplified xTina’s Roti-John.

The baguettes are from Delifrance. Easily available and you can always get the staff to slice it up or half it for you. Fuss-free! =D

xTina’s Simple Roti-John

1) Since my baguettes are already 2-day-old, I slightly toasted them on a flat-pan with butter for the baguettes to be slightly crispy. Remove from pan.

2) Beat up two eggs and chop some onions. I used two mini onions.

3) Stir-fry the onions with some butter. Season with a pinch of garlic salt and black pepper, to taste. Remove from pan and add into the eggs mixture.

4) Slice some cheese, can omit if you don’t like cheese.

5) Butter the flat pan, mine was 22cm. Remove from heat and pour in all the eggs mixture. Place the cheese apart from each other according to the position of how you want to place your sliced baguettes on the pan.

6) Put the pan back to heat and position the baguettes accordingly to the cheese. Mine can hold 6 slices.

7) Let the egg cook for awhile and turn-over when its less runny. Remove and serve once the egg is cooked.


Though quite a number of steps, but its actually pretty easy! Its really a pretty fuss-free way to prepare a warm breakfast. Pair it with a cup of coffee or Milo if you like. Personally, I like the slight hint of spiciness from the black pepper and the melted cheese oozing out when I bite into the roti-john. Can try adding some ham too. =)=)=)=) (4/5 as you would need to do some preparation but definitely worth the trouble)