Woh Hup is one of the more popular ready-to-use sauces in Singapore and widely available in supermarkets. Know why I love such stuffs? Because its fuss-free! The bottles of sauces are already jam-packed with favour. Just add in meat and/ or vege and you can easily create a tasty dish for everyone.

First sauce to say ‘Hello’ to everyone would be Kung Po Sauce.

What I did was cut up two pieces of chicken breast meat to bite size and marinate it with about 3 teaspoon of Kung Po Sauce, some corn flour and sesame oil. I just love sesame oil and adds a little to almost everything I cook. I also like to throw in some sliced onion into bottled sauce + meat dishes, I marinated the onions together with the chicken meat.

Normally I will marinate my stuffs for at least an hour before cooking.

For cooking, I fried around 3 tablespoon of the sauce in oil first before pouring in the marinated chicken and onions in. Added some water too as I didnt want the gravy to be too dry and also not to dry up the meat as I’m using chicken breast.

And tada~ One meat dish on the dinning table done in less than 15 minutes cooking time.

P.s. add some sugar if you find the sauce too spicy.

Isnt that easy?


The sauce is good enough to do without any other seasoning, which makes it super fuss-free. But a tad too spicy for it. The spiciness will starts to well up from your throat after eating. The gravy and onions are good enough for me to go with my plain rice. Overall, something you should buy for a quick and easy dish anytime. =)=)=)=)=) (5/5)

Decent cooking cannot get easier than this.